Kittell named 2013 Rising Star by MidSouth Super Lawyers Magazine

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by: Chris Kittell

MidSouth Super Lawyers recently named Christopher E. Kittell a 2013 Rising Star for the three state area of Mississippi, Tennessee and Arkansas.  Each year, no more than 2.5 percent of the attorneys in the three state area are selected by the research team at Super Lawyers to receive this honor.  This is the fourth year in a row that Kittell has been named a Rising Star by MidSouth Super Lawyers, going back to 2010.


Scientists able to Reverse Engineer Social Security Numbers with Frightening Accuracy

File under: Reverse Engineered Ssns Identity Theft
by: Chris Kittell

Computer scientists at Carnegie Mellon University have figured out how to predict Social Security numbers from publicly accessible birth data with frightening accuracy. The researchers analyzed a public information source known as the "Death Master File," which includes birth data and SSNs for people who have died. The scientists found that in many instances, if you know the date and state in which a person was born, you can deduce their SSN.


Had a Spat with your Spouse? Don't Call the Cops unless You Want Him or Her Arrested!

File under: Domestic Violence Wrongful Arrests
by: Chris Kittell

Had a spat with your spouse, like most couples do from time to time?  Well, unless you want your spouse to spend the night in jail, do not call the police under any circumstances!  


Another rip off for consumers thanks to forced arbitration clauses

File under: Forced Arbitration Clauses Paul Bland
by: Chris Kittell

A recent Ninth Circuit opinion is another rip off for consumers thanks to forced arbitration clauses.


That Apple's Got a Bug In It - Another Reason to Dislike iOS 7 (As If You Needed One)

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by: Chris Kittell

The ease of accessing the "Airplane Mode" via iOS 7's Control Center makes it easier for hackers or thieves to compromise your iPhone at their leisure.  


WOW!!! Huge verdict against Equifax!!!

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by: Chris Kittell

The largest verdict ever in a Fair Credit Reporting Act case was handed down today in Oregon against Equifax Information Services, LLC.


World's Largest Debt Collector Agrees to Pay $3.2 Million Penalty to Settle FTC Charges

File under: Ftc Nco Financial Expert Global Solutions
by: Chris Kittell

Largest civil penalty ever obtained by the FTC against a third party debt collector.

The world’s largest debt collection operation, Expert Global Solutions and its subsidiaries, has agreed to stop harassing consumers with allegedly illegal debt collection calls and to pay a $3.2 million civil penalty – the largest ever obtained by the Federal Trade Commission against a third-party debt collector.


RFIDs - the High Tech Identity Thief's Dream

File under: Rfid Chips Radio Frequency Identification Chips
by: Chris Kittell

Remember the good old days when, if someone wanted to steal your stuff, the thief had to actually touch you (i.e. a pickpocket or mugger) or break into your house (i.e. a burglar) to do it.  No longer.

Now identity thieves can potentially steal your information from 10 or more feet away from you, thanks in part to the RFID chips being used in credit cards and other items.


Will Your Real Credit Score Please Stand Up?

File under: Credit Scores Experian Equifax Trans Union
by: Chris Kittell

Ever meet a member of the opposite sex, think you and he or she are hitting it off, exchange phone numbers, only to go home and find out that the number he or she gave you is bogus?  Pretty sickening feeling, right?  Well, that's what the credit bureaus are doing to consumers day in and day out regarding consumers' credit scores.  And they are making money by doing so.


Bullet Points - Identity Theft News for June 12, 2013

File under: Identity Theft Bullets
by: Chris Kittell

Interesting Identity Theft news for June 12, 2013


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