Mandatory (i.e. unfair) Arbitration Takes a Hit, Albeit a Small One

File under: Arbitration Nguyen V Barnes Noble
by: Chris Kittell

The Ninth Circuit issued a decision earlier this week in the case of Nguyen v. Barnes & Noble that put at least a small modicum of common sense back into the anti-consumer world of arbitration.


CFPB levies $2.75 million fine against auto finance company for reporting inaccurate credit information

File under: Cfpb First Investors
by: Chris Kittell

The CFPB is ordering an auto finance company to pay a $2.75 million fine for providing inaccurate information about borrowers to credit reporting firms, potentially harming tens of thousands of customers.


Don't Go Pro Se!

File under: Fcra Pro Se
by: Chris Kittell

Please, please, please ... don't represent yourself pro se if you have a FCRA claim!


Even the United States Government is Subject to the FCRA

File under: Bormes V United States Fcra Sovereign Immunity
by: Chris Kittell

Even the United States government is subject to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, at least according to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals in a recent decision.


Forced Arbitration Takes Away Your Rights!

File under: Forced Arbitration Clauses
by: Chris Kittell

Forced arbitration takes away the rights of millions of consumers ever year ... and most do not even know about it until it is too late.  


The Truth About the McDonald's Hot Coffee Case

File under: Hot Coffee Case Mcdonalds Tort Reform
by: Chris Kittell

The New York Times in 2013 prepared a short documentary regarding the McDonald's Hot Coffee case that supporters of tort reform tout as a frivolous lawsuit.  Watch this documentary to get the actual facts, not the maliciously converted misstatement of the facts that pro tort reformers claim to be true.


Kittell named 2013 Rising Star by MidSouth Super Lawyers Magazine

File under: Super Lawyers Rising Star Honors Awards
by: Chris Kittell

MidSouth Super Lawyers recently named Christopher E. Kittell a 2013 Rising Star for the three state area of Mississippi, Tennessee and Arkansas.  Each year, no more than 2.5 percent of the attorneys in the three state area are selected by the research team at Super Lawyers to receive this honor.  This is the fourth year in a row that Kittell has been named a Rising Star by MidSouth Super Lawyers, going back to 2010.


Scientists able to Reverse Engineer Social Security Numbers with Frightening Accuracy

File under: Reverse Engineered Ssns Identity Theft
by: Chris Kittell

Computer scientists at Carnegie Mellon University have figured out how to predict Social Security numbers from publicly accessible birth data with frightening accuracy. The researchers analyzed a public information source known as the "Death Master File," which includes birth data and SSNs for people who have died. The scientists found that in many instances, if you know the date and state in which a person was born, you can deduce their SSN.


Had a Spat with your Spouse? Don't Call the Cops unless You Want Him or Her Arrested!

File under: Domestic Violence Wrongful Arrests
by: Chris Kittell

Had a spat with your spouse, like most couples do from time to time?  Well, unless you want your spouse to spend the night in jail, do not call the police under any circumstances!  


Another rip off for consumers thanks to forced arbitration clauses

File under: Forced Arbitration Clauses Paul Bland
by: Chris Kittell

A recent Ninth Circuit opinion is another rip off for consumers thanks to forced arbitration clauses.


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